Aanchal Sehgal

A passionate ultra runner & a Podium Finisher in marathon events like Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, Dwarka Half Marathon, Starry Night Half Marathon. Aanchal has run 30 half marathon consecutively & has been ranked No.1 in Gurgaon in 100 days running challenge by Adidas. She Strongly believes in pursuing her passion, setting her own goals and pursuing them with dedication to achieve them


Karandeep Singh

Associate Director - IT PepsiCo India

Karandeep Singh, fondly known as Karan Paaji amongst his friends Is a dedicated runner & has successfully completed various half marathons held nationally and internationally. He did his first ADHM in 2015 with a timing of 2:00:22 and his PB is 1:48:00 in ADHM (2016). He recently (November’18) got Podium at Bhatti Ultra Trail run (30K). He has been a Pacer in many Events and has done Pacing at ADHM2018, TMM 2018, NDM 2018, MCM 2017, AGM 2017, SuperSikh amongst others

Amit Upadhyay

A fitness enthusiast, Amit used to be a bit on the heavy side, then 116 kg. The passion of leading a healthy and quality life fueled his passion of running and maintaining a fitness regime. Started his running journey in 2014, till date he has participated in three editions of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM), Chandigarh Marathon, Lucknow Marathon and Beardothon with a PB of 1.56. Amit has been associated with Pinkathon & MCM as an Ambassador. Besides running, Amit is also a cyclist and has founded a Cycling Club in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

Sangeeta Shiledar

Running has transformed her life

says Sangeeta, an ambassador for Walkathon NDTV-Fortis Healthcare and Cairn Pink City Half Marathon. A proud mother of a teenager, a homemaker married to a corporate honcho and an aspiring model, this marathoner is passionate towards health, fitness and well-being. Sangeeta, who has taken part in a state level table tennis competition, initially took inspiration from fellow runners and has been a regular marathoner since 2014. She also trains with ‘Boot Camp Yellow’ (one of the largest outdoor fitness and running community in Delhi-NCR )


Garima is among the ambassadors for World 10km Run in Karnal (May 2017); Millennium City Marathon (Gurugram); The Night Run (Delhi), Cairn Pink City Marathon (Jaipur) and the Chambal Challenge, this doctor by profession has been an active marathoner since 2014. Garima is a national champion in Skating and also played a basketball in key competitions.She had participated in ten half marathons and in a number of 10km running events till date.

Manu Kalra

Trainer and Fitness Enthusiast

A fitness freak and former ambassadors of Pinkathon and Millennium City Marathon, Manu Kalra is a trainer, runner and a sports champ. He claims that fitness is his lifeline. He has had multiple podium finishes in various running events. A strict and passionate trainer, Manu focuses on individual goals to get desired results and ensures that everyone follows a customized plan in a discipline manner. He has been into the realm of fitness from last two decades. On being encouraged by some friends, he started training marathoners and enthusiastic runners. The idea got crystallised in the form of ‘Fitness Ki Pathshaala’ (FKP), a group of fitness lovers.

Rani Maheshwari

An avid sportsperson, Rani has participated in last four editions of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and New Delhi Pinkathon; Woman 10km Run; Super Sikh Run; Trail-a-Thon; Starry Night; Jodhpur Half Marathon; Millennium City Marathon and 100 Days Running Challenge. She has been a cyclist as well and took part in 300 km ride from India Gate to Timber Trail; 750 km golden triangle: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Delhi ride (completed in three days) among other key events. She also has modeling assignments for reputed brands in her kitty.

Meenal Dwivedi Tripathi

Marathoner and Entrepreneur

A Textile Engineer turned entrepreneur, Meenal hails from Lucknow and is passionate towards maintaining health and fitness and add a spark in daily life.  
This avid runner and fitness enthusiast has taken part in last three editions of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; FICCI FLO – Lucknow; Standard Chartered - Mumbai Marathon, Pinkathon; Tata Mumbai Marathon, IDBI - New Delhi Marathon; Devil Circuit Delhi; Footloose - Gurgaon; SBI Green Marathon - Lucknow; Hindustan Fastest Half Marathon - Dwarka; Running and Living- Shimla; Ladakh Marathon; Agra Half Marathon; Lucknow City Half Marathon; Patna Half Marathon; Bathinda Half Marathon; Kangra X Country 2018; Ladakh Marathon; Ludhiana Half Marathon; and Shivalik Ultra 50km among others.

Renu Mathpal

Fitness and Yoga Instructor

The lifestyle of Defence Services ingrained the seed of physical exercise and a disciplined regimen in the heart and mind of Renu Mathpal, who is married to an officer of Indian Air Force and currently based in Chandigarh. A teacher by profession, Renu started taking part in marathons in 2015. “My stress evaporates once I wear sneakers,” said this fitness lover.

Pooja Varma 


This fitness enthusiast was associated with BIG Duathlon Challenge; Matheran Endurathon; BSF Half Marathon – Delhi; Ravine Run – Panchgani; Kanya-a-Thon - Gurugram; IDBI Federal Life Insurance - Mumbai Half Marathon and Saptashrungi Half Marathon – Nashik as an ambassador. She has participated in various marathon events held in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Delhi/NCR. Pooja has bagged three gold medals in 10,000m; 5,000m and 4,400m relay and a bronze medal in 1,500m in 38th National Masters Athletics Championship (2018) as representative of Maharashtra.

Ritu Joshi

Physical Education Instructor and Marathoner

A Distance Running Coach, Ritu has participated in several marathon events, including Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; IDBI Delhi Relay Run; The Great India Run – Mumbai; IDBI Mumbai Half Marathon; and Run To Breathe – Himachal Pradesh, among others. This Delhi resident has earned Master’s Degree in Physical Education domain. An ardent follower of a strict physical regimen, Ritu encourages people to pursue running to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mihika Wahi Gupta


“The road to fitness is not easy. You simply follow fitness regimen and become stronger and healthier in the long run,” says Mihika Wahi Gupta from Gurugram. A former corporate employee turned homemaker, Mihika has participated in over 50 marathons, including one ultra marathon; two full marathons; 30 half marathons; and a range of 10km, 5km and trail run. A self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Marathons’, she ran her first half marathon in November 2014 and there was no looking back since then. This fitness enthusiast motivates her friends and like-minded people about the importance of fitness and running.

Capt. (retd) Dharmveer

Fitness enthusiast and Entrepreneur

A retired Army Officer, Capt Dharmveer has been an avid marathoner. He firmly believes in maintaining health, fitness and well-being to lead a quality life. He has taken part in seven full and 27 half marathons in last two years. Post retirement he launched a startup and also delivers motivational speeches on several occasions. He motivates the youth to join the Defence Services & contribute towards nation-building. He has also participated in various adventure sports. He is engaged with Edcorps Management Services Pvt Limited as its Director.

Sumit Singh

Ultrarunner and Fitness Enthusiast

This votary of health and fitness has many feats under his belt, including numerous marathons in different cities; Bhatti Ultra Run; 150 Ultra Run Finisher in Arunachal Pradesh among others. He has earned the tittle ‘Ironman Malaysia Finisher’ too. A hard core follower of intensive workouts and physical exercises, Sumit considers running is one the best physical activities for a healthy body and mind.

Vinay Asrani

Triathlon Runner

An Ironman and adventure lover, Vinay has participated in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; Tata Mumbai Marathon; city level Half Marathons and so on. This Triathlon Finisher has run in more than a dozen marathons to push himself out of his comfort zone. He motivates friends and like-minded people to follow running in order to be healthy and fit.

Arvind Mittal

Marathoner and Entrepreneur

This marathoner religiously follows physical exercises, running and rigorous workouts to lead a healthy life. Arvind has participated in five full marathons; 32 half marathons; one 12-hour ultra run and inter-city run since 2013. He has been an ambassador for various marathons as well. Armed with rich industry experience he took up entrepreneurship and provided consultancy to various organisations. A crusader of social cause and environment conservation, he is associated with Police Shaheed Foundation, Lung Care Foundation, Seva Karya Samiti among others, to raise the pitch for justice, equality as well as clean and green city.

Vinod Pradhan

Running Coach and Marathoner

This corporate employee turned ultrarunner took up running in 2015 to maintain health and fitness. Currently working as Running Coach with CULT.fit, a Bengaluru-based health, fitness and wellness startup, Vinod is a part of ‘The Sunchasers’, an Ultra Running Group. He has participated in last four editions of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon; IDBI New Delhi Marathon; Amritsar Half Marathon; BSF Half Marathon; and Jammu Half Marathon. This adventure sports lover was a participant in Tata Mumbai Marathon (2018); Noida Grand Marathon (2018); Hyderabad Marathon (2018) and 32km Kangra Cross Country Run (2018) among other ultra runs.

Vipin Sharma

Fitness Enthusiast and Business Head at Fitso

This fitness lover started running to tackle weight issues. He feels that running helped him to connect with himself and come out of his comfort zone. He has participated in 110km - Cardiff to Carmarthen, Wales, U.K. run; 50km in Spain; 70km Mashobhra hills, Shimla; 100km at Bhatti Lakes, Delhi; 90km at Thyagaraja Stadium, Delhi; 80kms - Tuffman Title race at Mashobhra Hills, Shimla; 136km at Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru; 67km Patiala to Chandigarh (Freedom Ultra Charity run); 106km at Adidas Stadium Run, New Delhi; 84km in Manger Forest, Gurugram; and 200km at The Great Run of Punjab (Amritsar to Chandigarh). The ultra distance runner is a storyteller and is associated with Fitso, a fitness-based mobile app.

Abhishek Rathor

Fitness Coach and Marathoner

This marathoner earned the title of ‘Ironman’ in August 2018 in Kalmar, Sweden. A fitness coach by professions, he finished at fifth position in 150km Trail Ultra Finisher 2016. A former Trainer in Nike, he has participated in New Delhi Triathlon and Bhatti Ultra 50 km among other marathons. He follows intensive workout sessions and physical exercises on daily basis for a healthy body and mind

Mahashweta Ghosh

Trainer and Ultra Runner

A running coach with BootCamp Yellow, an outdoor fitness training group, Mahashweta has achieved numerous milestones in last six years with over 25 half marathons, seven full marathons and off track ultra of 50km. A firm believer in maintaining healthy mind and body through running and physical exercises, Mahashweta has inspired many people to achieve fitness through intensive and fun-filled workout sessions. She has supported many runners to switch from short runs to half and full marathons.

Tejinder Singh


This passionate runner started running from October 2015. A strict and passionate trainer, Tejinder hails from Bathinda and has taken part in an array of marathons. He has run in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; Hyderabad Full Marathon; Summer Hot Run Ultra 30km Challenge; The Great Run of Punjab among other sports events. He also formed ‘Bathinda Runners Group’ and organised ‘Bathinda Half Marathon’ this year. He actively promotes running, intensive workouts and physical activities to maintain health and fitness.

Becky Pde

Ultra Runner

The first Indian woman to stand tall at number two position in the Khardung La Challenge (72 km), the highest ultra-marathon in the world, this ultra-runner from Shillong has so far participated in 50 half marathons. Becky started running in 2016 to maintaingood health. She has run the 21km Kargil International and stood first in women category. She also participated in Leh Ladakh full marathon with 42km. Becky believes that running has made her resolve stronger to work hard towards maintaining healthy body and mind. She is among a few women ultra-marathon runners in the country.

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